Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In the Studio Today

I am enrolled in a wonderful e-course called SouLodge (click on the link to your right to see more about it).  This month, we are working with Buffalo.  I purchased a wonderful Buffalo fetish earlier this year, not knowing She would be one of our guides.  I felt called to make this necklace for myself in Her honor.

In addition to this wonderful central piece carved by Albuquerque artisan Anthony Turpen, I have included a polished stone from the Pacific Ocean, a small turquoise teardrop, and a replica of a Chinese coin.  I made the copper coils from wire to separate the pieces.  Everything is then hung from a leather cord, which is adjustable.

All of the components were purchased here in Santa Fe from a wonderful store run by Sudasi J. Clement and Ruthie Parrott, called Beadweaver.  If you're in Santa Fe, be sure to visit.  And please tell them Kat sent you ;-P.