There was a little girl who learned to read and write, in longhand, before she ever went to school - she wanted to be able to read her daddy's letters herself.  She loved music, and flowers, and birds and animals, especially her puppy.  Before she learned to read and write, she starting talking at five months of age.  One night her mother said, "It's time to stop talking and go to sleep."  The little girl?  Why, her reply was "But Momma, I like to talk!."

She loved to sing, too, and to create things - clover blossom chains,  clothes for her dolls, and houses for the dolls to live and play in, with furniture made from oatmeal boxes and old cigar boxes, too.  She loved to color and paint, and sew and embroider.  She loved to dance and act and make believe.  

Kat has been producing art of one form or another, in all sorts of media, since she was "knee high to a grasshopper".  (That means more years than she'll admit.)
She has taught many classes in folk art painting, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, and sewing, as well as coaching musicians in voice and piano.  She also spent many years in theatre, both on stage and behind the scenes.
Currently journeying within, Kat is developing a spirit-ed approach to art and the offerings she makes for sale. 

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