Friday, June 28, 2013


Not long ago, I delivered an order of gift tags to Collected Works Bookstore, a local shop here in town.  Dorothy has owned this independent bookstore for years, and it is a Santa Fe treasure.  She added a coffee shop not long ago, which serves not only coffee, but pastries, burritos, salads and sandwiches made locally.  They have your standard cup of coffee, espresso drinks, and really good iced teas.  There is also a selection of sodas, like Izze, or Blue Sky, and always complimentary ice water, as well as bottled water.

If you're in Santa Fe, you simply must stop in an visit.  There are often talks and demonstrations going on, as well as children's story time.  The staff is well versed and friendly, and the ambience is comfortable and homey.

You'll find Kat's Kards, as well as these little gift tags there.  Be sure to ask about them, as their placement in the shop often changes.

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